We are COVID-19 secure

  • We confirm we've complied with the government guidance for managing the spread of COVID-19. You can download our certificate.
  • We've carried out a COVID-19 risk assessment and shared the results with the people who work here.
  • We've cleaning, handwashing and hygiene procedures in line with guidance.
  • We've taken all reasonable practicable steps to help people work from 亚博电竞lpl直播.
  • We've taken all reasonable practicable steps to maintain a two-metre distance in the workplace, in your 亚博电竞lpl直播 and 亚博电竞lpl直播.
  • Where people cannot be two-metres apart, we've done everything reasonably practical to manage transmission risk.

What does this mean?

We've put new procedures in place for everyone's safety. Our installers will:

  • wear gloves and masks during the installation
  • adhere to strict hygiene measures
  • follow social distancing guidelines

Find out what happens during your smart meter installation.

What do smart meters do?

Smart meters make it a lot easier to monitor your energy as you're using it. This gives you the knowledge to make changes in your schedule where you could potentially use less energy, cut costs and become more energy efficient.  Smart meters also give you:

  • Control - see exactly how much you're spending. 
  • Accuracy - only pay for the energy you use. 
  • Convenience - automatic readings - no more hassle, no more 亚博电竞lpl直播 visit. 

Everything you need to know 亚博电竞lpl直播 smart meters

亚博电竞lpl直播We’ve put together all the information you need to start saving money and energy with smart meters. Find out how to get a smart meter of your own, what to expect on the day of installation, and how to get a reading from a smart meter once you have it.

What are smart meters? - Smart meter and app graphic

How to use your smart meter

亚博电竞lpl直播What smart meters look like, how to control them, and how to take a reading.

Smart meter benefits - Couple cycling graphic

Reasons to get a smart meter

Why smart meters are replacing current meters, and why going smart is the clever choice.

Installing your smart meter - Home installation graphic

How to get a smart meter

亚博电竞lpl直播How to book your installation, how long it takes, and what you can expect on the day.

Get the most from your smart meter - graphic

Smart meter troubleshooting

If you spot anything that’s not working as it should be – we’re here to help.

Smart meter FAQs