Interested in working at Hinkley Point C?

亚博电竞lpl直播The construction and operation of Hinkley Point C will create thousands of employment and apprenticeship opportunities in a broad range of occupations and careers. For example, there will be jobs in construction, civil engineering, electrical installation, hospitality, catering, logistics, security, site 亚博电竞lpl直播s, 亚博电竞lpl直播 roles and others over the coming years.

亚博电竞lpl直播It’s not just during construction. When complete, Hinkley Point C will have an expected workforce of 900 people to run the power station throughout its 60-year operation.

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Why work at Hinkley Point C?

亚博电竞lpl直播At Hinkley Point C, we’re not just building a power station. We’re making a vital contribution to securing the UK’s energy future. We’re proud of the opportunities and benefits the project will bring to the local community, the region and the nation. We think roles at Hinkley Point C are more than simply jobs, apprenticeships or training posts. And we hope you will too. 

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Moving to the area

If you work with us, you’ll be based in a stunning county that’s renowned for its quality of life. And we have a vibrant social calendar, which means that there’s always something to do.

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Jobs available throughout the build



Our aspiration is to create 1,000 apprenticeships during construction. The wide range of skills required to build Hinkley Point C means there really is an opportunity for everyone.

亚博电竞lpl直播Apprenticeships are at the forefront of our workforce development and skills needs. We are dedicated to providing the best possible access and experience for all apprentices working and learning as part of the project.

Careers at EDF Energy

亚博电竞lpl直播If you're interested in working directly for EDF Energy, find out what roles are available on the project through our careers pages.

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