How we’re impacted by Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Our leasing 亚博电竞lpl直播, DriveElectric, are 亚博电竞lpl直播ing key workers during this time by delivering cars to them, where possible.

If you’re not a key worker, you can still get started with a quote and consultation by submitting an enquiry, so that you’re ready to go as soon as everything is up and running again.

Already have an electric car? Then you can still sign up to GoElectric – our 100% renewable EV tariff.

Electric car leasing deals with our 亚博电竞lpl直播 DriveElectric

Our special electric car lease offer

long winding countryside road

5,000 miles free credit when you lease a car through Drive Electric

Residential customers can get 5,000 miles free credit, which is equal to £180​ in cash, credited to your account.

To qualify for this great offer, you need to lease an electric car through our 亚博电竞lpl直播 Drive Electric and sign up for the GoElectric electric car tariff with us(1)

Your guide to leasing an electric car

How does leasing a car work?

亚博电竞lpl直播Electric car leasing is like renting. It gives you the flexibility to enjoy a new car by spreading the rental cost of the vehicle over time. You choose:

  • The car that you like,
  • Length of lease - typically 3-5 years,
  • The set number of miles to suit your needs,
  • The amount of your initial deposit.

亚博电竞lpl直播At the end of the leasing period, you simply hand the car back to the leasing 亚博电竞lpl直播.

Our EV leasing 亚博电竞lpl直播

To bring you handpicked EV leasing deals, we’ve joined forces with DriveElectric. They are one of the UK’s leading electric car lease providers.

The DriveElectric team lives and breathes electric cars. They have over ten years’ experience delivering thousands of EVs.

Join Anna and Lucia on an Electric Adventure

Watch video: Electric Adventures Episode 5 – New Heights

Electric Adventures episode 4

A road trip to Brighton, with two twists.

There's an electric car, and there's a husband coming along too. Will Mother Pukka and Grandmother Pukka still have a nice time?

I think it will be a really, really good thing if they were all electrical cars. It would be quieter. And certainly healthier.

Lucia Whitehouse, aka Grandmother Pukka, star of Electric Adventures episode four

Electric vehicle solutions for 亚博电竞lpl直播

Woman charging BMW i3 in street

Looking for large 亚博电竞lpl直播 fleet 亚博电竞lpl直播s?

Is your 亚博电竞lpl直播 ready to go electric? We'll help you find the right electric vehicle to suit your 亚博电竞lpl直播 needs.

We've teamed up with leading vehicle leasing companies to offer a great range of pure electric and hybrid vehicle options.


Learn more 亚博电竞lpl直播 electric cars

Guide to buying an electric car

亚博电竞lpl直播Thinking of buying an electric car? We'll take you through everything you need to consider when making a decision to purchase one.

Where can I charge my electric car?

With over 30,000 charge points across the UK it's not easier than ever to charge your electric car. Find out where, when and how to charge your car.

How do I look after my electric car?

With fewer moving parts, there’s far less to worry 亚博电竞lpl直播 when it comes to looking after an electric car. Find out how to maintain and 亚博电竞lpl直播 your electric car.